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Nothing represents your company or association more visibly than your logo.

Let Chase & Snow create a logo that fits your needs exactly. The design process is of course in tight cooperation with you, and we always offer multiple logo alternatives to you to choose from.

For the berry powder producer KP Finberry Oy we created a new, bright and very berr-y logo. They have a long history in sea buckthorn growing,…

Logo for treefelling service Metsäpalvelu Juho Tähkänen. Somewhat rough, strong & with a Finnish forest feeling, it represents the business…

Logo for a blog and brand Beyond Buckthorns - a couple's permaculture journey in Finland. Fittingly the logo incorporates a sea buckthorn branch…

The Biogascentral Logo consists of multiple parts. In the middle there is the American sign language sign for "I love you". The fingers of the…

Developed by a given idea from a colleague. Berliniced, nicest Berlin T-Shirts and souvenirs, emphasis is on the NICE in the word BerliNICEd. 

The Tillam logo shows a clock at 10 after 10 between the two ls, while the second l is mirrored to form a clock housing. 

Solar C³ITIES is a German association. They are into development aid creating biodigesters (mini biogas plants) around the globe. 

Worsted Knitt ist ein Fachblog zum Thema Stricken und Nähen. Das Logo wurde zusammen mit Flyern und Werbebannern entwickelt.


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