What is a friendly advertising agency?

Villasukat kuvituskuva - image by LUM3N

When you come to our website, you are greeted by the phrase "We are a high-quality and friendly small advertising and marketing agency from Pirkanmaa and our task is to help small companies succeed in their marketing." Good quality is probably a pretty clear attribute for an advertising agency, but what the heck is a friendly advertising agency?

It becomes clear when we look at our values. The first of these is “friendly,” and we write this:

We are your company's honest and genuine partner in marketing matters. We want to get to know your company and its customers so that we can help you in the best possible way. Cooperation with us is cordial, relaxed and effective. We say things directly but nicely. We want the best for your business and go about it like a good friend would. We want to build a customer relationship with you based on trust and the same goal - the best for your business. ”

The value of friendliness could be summed up in the fact that we want the best for you and your business, and we will do our best to get you just that. If you want, we will be happy become a long-term partner for our company - or as in many good friendships, we can just meet every now and then and continue where we left off.

Friendliness is important to us also because we are inherently easy going, friendly people. It can be said that Chase & Snow is down to its core a friendly advertising agency, and hopefully this also made it clear what it means. Work with us and experience it for yourself!